Thursday, November 7, 2013

Princess Time

Today I got to babysit my future nieces and what a fun time it was!  I got to spend time in that elusive world of tea parties and princess dresses and whirling dances and I left that world with smiles to spare.  What a blessing :)  Here are some photos that show our good time:

Sista love

And you thought you had style...

She is smiling ALL THE TIME.  Unless she's laughing.
Hope (the little one) had a great time wandering down the hall and then charging back in the room with her head thrown back in a laugh until she would fall on her bootie because she remembered she only started walking a few weeks ago.  HILARIOUS.  I tried to upload a video but apparently that's against blogger rules?  Grace (the older one) loved running around her room showing me all her treasures with a steady narration of "just one more thing!" And then we ate sandwiches.  

This is the life :)


  1. I am reading this again, because I just linked you on my blog. Funny how now "this IS your life".

  2. So sweet! You are so wonderful to help Kristin and Matt and I know they really appreciate it!